Florida Antique Vessel Reg

Joe sent in this bit of information for Florida boat owners.  Seem that if you P35 is
a 1974 model or earlier then you may apply for an Antique Vessel Registration. 
The benefit ... no more registration taxes!

Antique Vessel Registration
for the State of Florida

Joe writes....


     If you have a boat that is at least 30 years of age, you may want to obtain an “ANTIQUE VESSEL CERTIFICATION” from the State of Florida.  This means you will no longer be required  to pay registration taxes for this vessel.  Under section 328.72 (2)(a), Florida Statutes, a vessel at least 30 years old, not used for commercial purposes, and powered by its original type of power plant (inboard, outboard, etc) qualifies for ANTIQUE VESSEL CERTIFICATION. 


     To apply take your registration card to the Department of Motor Vehicles and obtain HSMV Form 87243.   Fill it out and send it to:


Bureau of Titles and Registration

Neil Kirkman Building

Room A334,MS #68

Tallahassee, Florida 32399


     You will receive an Antique Vessel decal which is placed on the vessel where the registration tag would normally be placed.  If this decal ever needs to be replaced it will be at no cost to the boat owner.   For more information check web site << http://www.hsmv.state.fl.us >> and look up procedure VSRS-01.

Antique Vessel Registration Form

State of Florida


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